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New t-shirts have been added! Mental Diversions uses TeePublic for all it's t-shirts. TeePublic also has stickers and other items with Mental Diversions designs.

Great show at Greater Austin comic con. Vo Nguyen did a great job the staff and facility was awesome. Hanging with Davy Jones was great too. Scott Harben thanks for the tip on acrylics. Great to see everyone and meet new friends. Thanks for the wonder woman print Lawrence Reynolds. Allen III Adams and Landon Adams and your crew rock. Good hooking up with Bill Williams and James O'Barr again. Just all around great, fun show.
Had a freaking blast at Comicpalooza. I enjoyed talking to Joe Eisma, Nick Pitarra, Dirk Strangely(Chris Carson), James Linares, Mark Nasso as well and cutting up with my row mates in artist's alley, Davy Jones and Scott Bruno!
Things were discussed and plans were made. Look for some new things from Mental Diversions this year.
On a side note the one guy we missed who was MIA this year Leroy Brown(Beau Tardy) of Ice Cubes fame. Next time buddy.
Shifters #1 is up in the strips section. Bear with me folks I am in the process of re-lettering and coloring it. As pages are complete they will be posted.
New strips have been added to NASA Toons and Altered Reality.
The 7th Annual Star Wars art festival; excuse me May the Fourth Festival was a great success. Check out original art for other items to purchase.
I reactivated the links page. If you want have a link to your website let me know at mental@mentaldiversions.com. All I ask is that the website be maintained and up to date.
Check out the photos from Carpacolypse 2018 in the Houston Heights.
Had a fabulous show at Dick's Classic Car Museum. If you are even in San Marcos I suggest this as a place to visit. The pictures are here.
I just posted the first part of a short story I wrote about Priscilla in Shifters. Issue #1 has been sold out for about a year. I am been contemplating doing another printing. If you would like Shifters #1 reprinted comment on the Shifters facebook page.
Shifters #7 and Paladin #3 Avaiable to order online!

Paladin #3

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